10 Mid-Week Reads

Good Wednesday morn . . . Some beach reading for you:

• Is shrinking stock market a bullish sign? (USA Today) see also Stocks are far less risky than you think (MarketWatch)
• The Best and Worst Thing About Investing (Reformed Broker)
• A Rational and Inefficient Noise Event (Political Calculations)
• Time to stop obsessing about central banks (FT Alphaville)
• What Lottery Winners and Tom Perkins Have in Common (Businessweek) see also Why You Are Spending More and Enjoying It Less (WSJ)
• Rodrik: Death by Finance (Project Syndicate)
• Statistical illusions (Columbia Journalism Review) see also Newspapers: still the most important medium for understanding the world (New Statesman)
• When You Fall in Love, This Is What Facebook Sees (The Atlantic)
• Spy Chief: We Should’ve Told You We Track Your Calls (Daily Beast)
• There Are Whales Alive Today Who Were Born Before Moby Dick Was Written (Smithsonian Magazine)

What are you reading?


 Gold Above Its 200 DMA

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