10 Sunday Reads

Easy like my Sunday morning reads:

• Wall Street Attracts Chop Shops 20 Years After ‘Wolf’ (Bloomberg)
• Retiring on Your Own Terms (MoneyBeatsee also Jason Zweig’s “Magic” Number for Retirement (Reformed Broker)
• The Argument for Mandatory 401(k) Participation (Morningstar)
• How do US taxes compare internationally? (Tax Policy Center) see also Anyone Who Thinks America Has High Taxes Needs To Look At These Charts (Business Insider)
• Apple devices flow into corporate world (WSJ)
• Bernanke Secret Sauce Drops Effective Fed Rate as QE Quantified (Bloomberg) see also Fed Policy Makers Rally Behind Tapering QE asYellen Era Begins (Bloomberg)
• Google and Motorola in the Wake of Nortel (Digitopoly) but see The Inside Story of the Moto X: The Reason Google Bought Motorola (Wired)
• Pot’s Sobering Lessons From Prohibition (Bloomberg)
• Who Runs Freedom Industries? West Virginia’s Chemical Spill Mystery (Businessweek)
• The 12th man? Ask Texas A&M about it — they trace it to a January 1922 Aggie football game (WSJ)

Happy Chinese New Years, Dim Sum for Brunch?


Retailers Lower Expectations After Cutthroat Season

Source: WSJ


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