10 MidWeek PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• Will millennials kill Costco? (Fortune)
• Does a scandal-ridden firm by any other name still smell as foul? (Quartz)
• Facebook Drones to Battle Google Balloons in the War of Airborne Internet (Wired)
• What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong (Time)
• Practice Not As Important As Thought For Success, Study Says (Popular Science)
• College, the Great Unleveler (Opinionator) see also When did globalisation start? (Economist)
• Four reasons why the fight against climate change is likely to fail (WonkBlog)
• Ready for a surprise? Money DOES equal access in Washington (Post Politics) see also Koch Spends More Than Double Top 10 Unions Combined (National Memo)
• Raging Against Hacks With Muckraker Turned Magazine-Maker Matt Taibbi (NY Mag)
• Wall Street Plays 2016 Dating Game as Christie Stumbles (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?



The Graph That Might Restore Your Faith in the Future

Source: WonkBlog


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