10 Tuesday PM Reads

Tuesday is complete.  Time for train reading on the way home:

• Zombie hordes thrive, await further hedge fund corpses (FT Alphaville)
• 3-to-1 Odds Favor Index Investors (Rick Ferri)
• Waze founder quits Google, starts financial-planning company (Venture Beat)
• Meet the Fed’s new intellectual powerhouse (Quartz)
• CNBC Put In Awkward Position As Bloomberg Partners With One Of The Hedge Fund Industry’s Biggest Conferences (Business Insider)
• The Takeaways from the Latest Fama-French Research (Advisor Perspectives)
• Who killed the plan to lower your taxes? (MarketWatch)
• Creativity vs. Quants (NY Times)
• I Work As a Writer For Reality Shows — Yes, they are loosely scripted (XO Jane)
• Is Surging Inequality Endemic to Capitalism? (New Yorker)

What’s for dinner?


Trading Winds Blow Cold For Some Hot Stocks

Source: WSJ


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