10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• The Illogic of Active Trading (NY Times)
• Low Treasury yields frustrate bond bears (FTsee also New Rule of Stocks: Get Used to the Grind (MoneyBeat)
• Hedge Funds Short Small Caps Most Since ’04 Russell Falls (Bloomberg)
• Here Is America’s Biggest Edge Over The Rest Of The World (Business Insider)
• Extreme Consensus (Alhambra Partners)
• Wall Street’s Overlords Always Win (Bloomberg View)
• A High-School Freshman’s Investing Lesson: Time Horizons Matter (Moneybeat)
• Despite Big Ambitions, New York’s Tech Scene Is Still Starting Up (NY Times)
• The Ice Sculpture Business (Priceonomics)
• John Henry and the Making of a Red Sox Baseball Dynasty (Businessweek)

What are you reading?


Highflying Small Caps Get Clipped

Source: WSJ



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