10 Thursday PM Reads

Some afternoon reading for you:

• Equities For the Long Run? Or Property? Or Neither? (MoneyBeat)
• What makes a stock picker’s market? (Vanguard Advisors Blog)
• The Best and Worst Thing About Investing (Reformed Broker)
• Architect of credit default swaps to leave JPMorgan (WonkBlog)
• Tech industry has opened a Pandora’s box of patent strife (FT)
• 10 reasons why Americans ignore climate disasters (MarketWatch)
• Toyota HiLux pickup truck top of the terrorist shopping list (PRI)
• An Activist Court’s Ideology: More Money, Less Voting (Bill Moyers)
• NSA infiltrated RSA security more deeply than thought (Reuters) see also Physicists are building an NSA-proof Internet (Salon)
• Why do zebras have stripes? Scientists have the answer (The Guardian)

Is that Friday on the horizon?


S&P Made Another Record High

Source: Chart of the Day


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