10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• In Gundlach’s ‘No Normal’ World, Treasuries Can’t Lose (Bloomberg)
• Nothing is happening. (Reformed Broker) but see The Average Stock is in a Bear Market (Business Insider)
• Distribution of Alternative Investments Through Wirehouses: Key Findings 2014 (Money Management Institute)
• NFL Players to Rookies: Stop Spending! (CNN Money)
• Did the financial crisis make us permanently poorer? (WonkBlog)
• The Plural of Anecdote is Bullet-Point (Epicurean Dealmaker)
• Chinese Cities’ Four Modernizations (Project Syndicate)
• The US Government is Trying to Fine a Drone Hobbyist for the First Time Ever (Vice)
• Are consumers better off putting everything in the cloud? (WSJ)
• The Bible backs same-sex couples: Point by point, why the haters are wrong (Salon)

What are you reading?



What is the outlook for Twitter?

Source: WSJ


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