10 Sunday Reads

Merry Sunday.  Here are some reads to enjoy with your morning coffee:

• GMO’S Jeremy Grantham Remains Bullish on Stocks (Barron’s) see also Jeremy Grantham Makes A Very Specific Call About When The Bubble Will Burst (Business Insider)
• How Accounting, Stop Groaning, Will Save the World (Bloomberg)
• Will invest for food (Economist)
• The Fed’s future management of short rates (FT Alphaville)
• Rubin, Greenspan Blew a Chance to Avert the Financial Crisis (Businessweek)
• Why The Pentagon Is Spending So Unbelievably Much On The F-35 (Business Insider)
• A blistering analysis of California’s Hollywood tax giveaway (LA Times)
• One Missing Jet, One Sunken Ferry, Two Responses (Bloomberg View)
• How a secret iOS feature could change the Internet (Fortune)
• The way life thinks (TLS)

What’s for brunch?



Passive vs. Active Assets Under Management

Source: The Economist


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