10 Thursday PM Reads

A few reads to keep you busy on the commute home:

• U.S. Economy Shrinks for First Time Since 2011; Pent Demand Suggests Temporary Setback (Bloomberg)
• When Assessing Investment Advice, Consider the Source (NY Times)
Today’s WTF headline: The Case for Ignoring Jennifer Lopez When Making Trades (Bloomberg)
• The Only Daily Market Update Worth Paying Attention To (Motley Fool)
• Short Sales, Foreclosure Sales Slow in U.S. (World Property Channel) see also Five states make up nearly half of U.S. foreclosures (MarketWatch)
• 7 Million People Earn America’s Other Minimum Wage: $23,660 (Real Time Economics)
• Do Conservatives Have Any New Ideas? (Bloomberg View) see also Why gridlock is the GOP’s fault (Washington Post)
• Lobby Tries, Fails to Frighten on Clean Energy (NY Mag)
• How a Copyright Dispute Helped Give America Rock ‘n’ Roll (Priceonomics)
• How to use social media when you’re dead (Daily Dot)

What’s up?

Emerging Markets Bounce Back

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