10 Memorial Day Reads

A few reads to start off your Memorial Day:

• Michael Lewis reviews Yreasury Secretary Geithner’s ‘Stress Test’ (NYTBR)
• Absolute Returns LOL (TRB)
• Barclays Manipulated Gold as Soon as It Stopped Manipulating Libor (Bloomberg View)
Shiller: Buying Insurance Against Climate Change (NYT) see also This ice sheet will unleash a global Superstorm Sandy that never ends (MoJo)
• Are you paying too much for your mutual funds? (MarketWatch)
• Financial Crisis, Over and Already Forgotten (NY Times)
• There’s No Such Thing as a Free Tax Cut (The Upshot)
• Loss Aversion, Evolution and Risk Complacency (Phil Pearlman)
WTF? Fox Gives Show To SEC-Fined Analyst Who Was Paid To Tout Now Worthless Stocks (Media Matters)
• The Rise of the Tribute Band (Priceonomics)

SPF 30 is mandatory!


Tech Stocks Are Still ‘Too Silly’ For Some

Source: WSJ




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