10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading (assuming I can keep my eyes open):

• 5 brain flaws that make you a lousy investor (USA Today) but see 10 Lazy Ways to Appear Smarter (PsyBlog)
• Definition of ‘Rich’ Changes With Income (NY Times)
• Teens politely inform bank they can crack all its ATMs (DailyDot)
• Orszag: It’s time for some optimism about health care spending (Vox) See also Five ways the American health care system is literally the worst (Vox)
• YouTube to destroy its own business model, seeks to become useless commercial drivel (FT.com)
• Five charts that show how conservatives are driving partisan rancor in DC (WonkBlog) see also The sad, sorry decline of George F. Will (The Week)
• Download Speed by Country (Net Index)
• The economics of “everyone’s private driver” (Medium)
• Bergdahl Critics Didn’t Howl When Bush Freed Prisoners (NYT) see also Bush’s toxic legacy in Iraq (CNN)
• 11 Octopuses Caught in the Act of Being Awesome (Mental Floss)

What are you reading?


Global Growth in Money Supply vs. Inflation Rate

Source: Richard Bernstein Advisors

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