Defense Dept Refuses to Tell Senate Which Groups We’re At War With…

Senate: Which Groups Are We At War With? Admin: That’s Classified

The Senate’s Committee on Foreign Relations held a hearing today on renewing the Authorization for the Use of Force (AUMF) in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Senators repeatedly asked representatives from the Department of Defense which groups we are at war with.  And the DOD refused to answer.

As the ACLU’s deputy legal director and director of the ACLU’s Center for Democracy (Jameel Jaffer) tweets:

Senate: Which groups are we at war with? Admin: That’s classified.

— Jameel Jaffer (@JameelJaffer) May 21, 2014

In response, people tweeted how Orwellian this is:

@JameelJaffer @trevortimm Either Oceania or Eastasia, I think.

— Steven Bellovin (@SteveBellovin) May 21, 2014

@JameelJaffer @ggreenwald “We have always been at war with [classified].”

— Jay Schiavone (@jaytingle) May 21, 2014

@JameelJaffer: Senate: Which groups are we at war with? Admin: That’s classified…” Prob b/c we supportAl Qaeda even as we ‘fight’ them.

— Anthony Bisotti (@drbisotti) May 21, 2014

@JameelJaffer don’t ask who, or why. It’s your job to Clap Louder!

— Patrick Brennan (@pmbrennan) May 21, 2014

And noted that normal Americans may not be immune:

@JameelJaffer @Popehat easy list: US Veterans, Teachers, Police, Firefighters, Gun owners, Capitalists, Casual Pot users…..

— Brian James (@bjames50) May 21, 2014

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