Wrong Way Plosser

Hawks Crying Wolf:

Charles Plosser of the Philadephia Fed; if you’ve been following these things, you know that Plosser has been warning about imminent inflation since the beginning of the crisis. He did it in 2008; he did it in 2009; he did it in 2010; he did it in 2011; I’m getting tired here, but you can easily find him doing the same in 2012 and 2013. And he has of course been wrong all the way — but he’s doing it again.

The thing about academics and ideologues is that they never seem to be willing to correct themselves, despite being obviously and utterly wrong. If I were willing to link to a certain subclass of eejit, I would [Insert Gold bug link here] explaining why hyper-inflation was immiment.

And as a reminder, please note the category is “Really, really bad calls” is filled with so much stupid it really should be allowed to become the 5oth state, taking the place of Florida, the current leader in all things dumb. (I blame the heat)

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