10 Sunday Reads

Good Sunday morning. Pour yourself a tall cup of hot black coffee, and start your SUNday — the day before MOONday — with these quality reads:

• 7 Fascinating Insights Into Why Scotland Voted Against Independence (Buzzfeed)
• Mutual Funds From Good to Great (A Wealth of Common Sense)
• Be like Calpers: Dump your hedge funds (MarketWatch) see also CalPERS Names Ted Eliopoulous as CIO (Chief Investment Officer)
• What we didn’t learn from the economic crisis  (Vox)
• The Fed Is Boring Again.  That’s a Relief. (The Upshot)
• Prosecutors Are Still Chasing Billions in Uncollected Debts (WSJ) see also SEC Judgement Against Raider Paul Bilzerian: $62 Million. Collected: $3.7 Million. (WSJ)
• A Fireside Chat With Charlie Munger (MoneyBeat)
• The Fate of Galt’s Gulch (The Daily Bell) see also Ayn Rand’s capitalist paradise lost: The inside story of a libertarian scam (Salon)
• The Moral Bankruptcy of California Ballot Initiatives (Pricenomics)
• The Twisted World of Sexual Organs: How Evolution Solved the Problem of Conception (BBC)

What’s for brunch?



Boom in Energy Spurs Industry in the Rust Belt

Source: NYT



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