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Welcome to October — my favorite month! We do occasionally have some (ahem) disruptions in the markets, it is the transitional period from September, the worst month to the best 6 months of the year.  Read all about it:

• Bill Gross, Calpers and the End of the Investment Guru (Upshot) see also The moment Bill Gross’ days at Pimco became numbered: A broker’s view (LA Times)
• Luster Restored: Huge demand for classic cars revs up interest in refurbishments (Barron’s Penta)
• Abenomics: will the sun rise on Japan again?  (Telegraph) see also Helicopter money: The best policy to address high public debt and deflation (VoXeu)
• Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule for deliberate practice is wrong: Practice Does Not Make Perfect (Slate)

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