10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads:

• Bond investing isn’t about forecasting (Medium)
• The Vultures of Wall Street: The Financial Firms that Prey on Sovereign Debt (Boston Review)
• After Bill Gross drama, the era of star investors isn’t over – it’s just different (Yahoo) see also A Poor Stretch for Mutual Funds (Barron’s)
• ALEC CEO: Google’s Departure Was Like Getting Dumped Via Text Message — The American Legislative Exchange Council’s Lisa Nelson said she was unaware of Google’s decision prior to an announcement by Eric Schmidt last week. (National Journal)
• The Wonks Battle for the Fed (Bloomberg View)
• The fiduciary duty to protect: the forgotten duty in pension fund investment (Ingenta Connectbut see How do you know if your fund manager has ‘lost it’? (MarketWatch)
• Book Review: ‘How Google Works’ by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg (WSJ)
• This is what Louisiana stands to lose in the next 50 years (ProPublica)
• How Apple Thinks About Smart Homes (FastCo Labs)
• Were we happier in the stone age? (The Guardian)

What are you reading?


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Gas Prices Last 12 Months100614
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