10 Wednesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads:

• How Effective Were Fed Bond Buys? A QE Research Bibliography (Real Time Economics) see also Quantitative Easing Is Ending. Here’s What It Did, in Charts. (Upshot)
• Earnings Results Defy Conventional Wisdom (Barron’s)
• Ten Insane Things We Believe On Wall Street (Reformed Broker)
• Germany Inc. Scrutinized for Using Labor Like Paper Clips (Bloomberg)
• Life’s Unanswered Questions (Motley Fool) see also No monkey business? (The Economist)
• Ten Things for Applied Econometricians to Keep in Mind (Econometrics Beat) see also Persuasion with statistics (Stumbling and Mumbling)
• Hacking Trail Leads to Russia, Experts Say (WSJ)
• Can William Gibson Predict the Future? (GQ)
• Busted: More global warming denial ‘science’ found to be unrealistic and inaccurate (Raw Story) see also 2014 Arctic sea ice extent – 6th lowest in millennia (The Guardian)
• When “Purple Rain” Came Falling Down: At the apex of his success, Prince made a high-profile decision that damaged his reputation for years (Medium)

What are you reading?



Fed Set to End QE3, but Not the QE Concept
Source: WSJ


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