10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads:

• Can Automakers Fix Themselves? (Bloomberg View)
• Gross versus Gundlach: Who Has More Skill? (Advisor Perspectives)
• How pensions make investing too complex (Fortune)
• Millennial Investors Don’t Trust The Market – And They Shouldn’t (Meb Faber) but see The Market Is Your Friend. Really: One Millennial’s Advice to Peers (WSJ)
• Hire An Advisor (Irrelevant Investor)
• Bloviators vs. Experts (Kris Venne)
• Are Low Interest Rates Responsible For High Stock Valuations? (The Fat Pitch) see also Low Inflation: Why It Will Persist (Barron’s)
• A Persuasive Chart Showing How Persuasive Charts Are (The Upshot)
• Why Uber Fights (Stratechery)
• Taylor Swift says streaming is bad for artists. Is she right? (Vox)

What are you reading?



Rally in Treasuries Makes a Longstanding Bet Look Good

Source: WSJ


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