World’s Total AuM = Record $68.7 Trillion

Boston Consulting Group has a new report out concluding that, “The asset management industry has achieved its strongest year of growth since the onset of the financial crisis.”

As always, the consulting firm’s annual report on global asset management is a dry, number-laden and utterly fascinating look at the business of overseeing money. Ignore the boring title, “Global Asset Management 2014: Steering the Course to Growth” and instead focus on the cold, hard dollars.

They are enormous, beyond big.

In 2013, managed assets rose to a record $68.7 trillion. This year is on pace to see a further increase. Before the financial crisis in 2007, total assets were $54.7 trillion. Considering all that has occurred in the intervening years, the asset management business looks quite healthy.

Check the following chart: Net revenue rose 11 percent, edging past the 2007 total. Profit rose as well, to $93 billion, a 17 percent gain from 2012, though still lower than 2007.

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