10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads:

• How Cheap Oil Complicates Investing (WSJ)
Shiller: Home Buyers Are Optimistic but Not Wild-Eyed (The Upshot)
• Commodities Go From Hoard to Floored (WSJ) see also Saudis risk playing with fire in shale-price showdown as crude crashes (Telegraph)
• BuzzFeed is killing it and its older rivals are rattled (Quartz)
• How to Save Money & Increase Your Happiness (A Wealth of Common Sense)
• Chart: What the documentary ‘Blackfish’ has done to SeaWorld (WonkBlog)
• The ‘Graywashing’ of CIA Torture: The brutal interrogation program was far less defensible than its moderate critics seem to realize. (The Atlantic)
• China offers to help Iraq defeat Sunni extremists (FT)
• Cheney Calls for International Ban on Torture Reports (New Yorker)
• Humpback whales increasing in waters near NYC (AP News)

What are you reading?


Wage Winners and Losers Since 2004

Source: WSJ



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