White House: Fox Is Not a News Organization

Shepard Smith explains:

“I sat next to Brian Williams, and we all have these place cards and his said, ‘Brian Williams, NBC News.’ And across from me was David Muir, the new guy on ABC. It said, ‘David Muir, ABC News.’ And then, over next to the president, was Scott Pelley, and it said, ‘Scott Pelley, ABC News.”

“And I looked at mine, and it doesn’t say anything about news. It just says, ‘Fox.’ And I looked at Bret Baier’s and it said, ‘Bret Baier, Fox.’ But all the rest of them got ‘news.’ I mean, I don’t care — lunch was great.”


This is pretty hilarious, because its true.

My solution was somewhat different: Rather than omit the word News, I put the word in quotes, thusly:


Its more aggressive, less passive.

Kudos to Shepard Smith, for keeping it classy. And kudos to the White House, for speaking the truth.


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What happens to you when you are not a news organization

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  1. The Peak Oil Poet commented on Jan 28

    so, is something appropriate to a trashy mag about a trashy tabloid by a trashy tabloid employee, news?

    i mean, really, the only news about FOX that anyone would ever want to hear is that the entire organisation disintegrated in a ball of fiery vengeance hurled by a suddenly enlightened population

    every Fox employee, investor, owner, supporter should be burned to a seething mess and the whole thing videoed and uploaded to youtube

    what a nasty horrible group of creatures – nothing has been burnt into my memory more than the vitriolic warmongering by Fox that led the war on Iraq


    absolute scum


    • bsnceo commented on Jan 29

      It’s interesting that my memory of warmongering for the war in Iraq is that it was initiated by the Bush White House (Cheney, Bush & Rice, “mushroom clouds”) and when, as might be expected, Fox took the cue and found it profitable to orchestrate the cheerleading. That set the hook and the Kool Aid was disseminated with the desired effect.

  2. RW commented on Jan 28

    If more Fox “News” operatives had been as classy as Shep Smith it would have fostered tolerance for the relentless tendentiousness and overall mendacity of the entire Fox “News” operation so frankly it’s a good thing there weren’t more of him.

  3. gremlin commented on Jan 28

    I never understand why actors or financial people think that inflicting their politics will improve their website or movie, I think it’s just because they live in a liberal bubble where all their friends are liberals so that it feels good to make fun of the yokels.
    I live in my on yokel bubble but, the only news station I trust is npr, because they are overt in their bias, and they interview enough lesbians that i can extrapolate to reality. no one else does real reporting, not cbs, nbc or fox. just voice overs.

  4. Bob K. commented on Jan 29

    LOL, as if the other organizations are anything other than conduits for the Administration.

    • Livermore Shimervore commented on Jan 29

      Whether you are a conduit for the White House or a conduit for the GOP there’s no real difference. Both are political whores masquerading as legitimate sources of news. Obama’s people called out the team that does everything in their power to push the GOP agenda (for profit of course). Fox have to take their licks if they’re going to step in the ring.

  5. MikeG commented on Jan 29

    The “news” organization that captions Republicans with a “(D)” when they do something disgusting/illegal doesn’t have much room to complain about mislabeling.

  6. NoKidding commented on Jan 29

    I have not watched any form on television news since 2007ish. By then FOX was entirely a Republican platform, but ABC/NBC/CBS were entirely Democrat platforms. Fox had the highest ratings because their half of the country was divide-by-one and the opposite half was divide-by-three.

    Has anything changed?

    • Livermore Shimervore commented on Jan 29

      Disagree. Fox are tops in the ratings game because their viewers tend to be older and that demographic love the partisanship. Younger left leaning viewers have “news” watching further down on the favorites list after sit-coms, reality shows, sports and YouTube. When a middle-aged to senior citizen Fox viewer comes home the first thing they do is flip to the “news”. There they watch one of three things: yet another story about how Obama is ruining America or how “gumbimint” is wrecking the economy or how poor black people don’t want to work. Meanwhile on MSDNC and the other pro-Obama networks they are similarly fixated on the GOP are destroying education, the environment, protecting racists and keeping corporations from ever paying more than 1% of GDP in taxes.
      It would be funny if it weren’t the reality of how the average voter gets their news. The left are apathetic to the news, and the right wing could care less that theirs is slathered in partisanship as long as its anti-Obama. Nevermind that Obama’s policies are to the right of or the same as Bill Clinton’s who managed to carry a slew of southern states twice. These “news” networks are creating morons and racists.

    • victor commented on Jan 29

      It’ll be interesting to see what the “Younger left leaning viewers” will be watching when they become “older”…

  7. erobicheaux commented on Jan 29

    “Kindness is strength. Good-nature is often mistaken for virtue, and good health sometimes passes for genius. Anger blows out the lamp of the mind. In the examination of a great and important question, every one should be serene, slow-pulsed, and calm. Intelligence is not the foundation of arrogance. Insolence is not logic. Epithets are the arguments of malice.”

    Is this what Progressive’s do, cultivate individuals like “P” above? Seems like a very “Small Picture” indeed.

  8. erobicheaux commented on Jan 29

    At the end of the day, the degree of separation between P above and the Kouachi brothers is not great.

  9. rd commented on Jan 29

    I saw that Fox was ticked when they were not allowed by the White House to interview Kenneth Feinberg when he was dealing with TARP. However, I believe the White House was being consistent with their policies as I don’t believe he was allowed to interview on the Comedy Channel with Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert either.

  10. howardoark commented on Jan 29

    Fox Sports is pretty good.

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