MiB: Bill Gross, Part II


This week, the “Masters in Business” podcast features Part 2 of an interview with Bill Gross, formerly of Pimco, now with Janus Capital; (See part 1 here.)

Gross sat down with me in the Bloomberg studios in New York for an extensive two-hour interview.  In part II, we discuss the Allianz takeover of Pimco, why he is a tough boss to wrk for. He said he was fired by Pimco, and was blindsided by the coup.

We also talk QE and the Fed, what they did right and wrong, and what he wants to do at Janus. He also said quite a few surprising things about the Federal Reserve.

You can hear it live on Bloomberg radio, download the podcast here or on Apple iTunes or stream it on Soundcloud (below). All of our prior podcasts are available on iTunes.


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  1. farmera1 commented on Jan 24

    Great interview. I will give it a few days and listen to it again.

    Gross is one of the few finance people on my list of people really worth listening to. I take what he says seriously.

    Here’s my list of finance people that I take very seriously. I have always used the criteria of a good boss, good employee, good friend or a good finance person as someone that after an interaction I felt smarter than before the interaction.

    4) Barry Ritholtz

  2. intlacct commented on Jan 25

    As near as I can tell portable alpha = alchemy. :)

  3. Willy2 commented on Jan 29

    Mr. Ritholtz,

    I downloaded the second part of the interview with Bill Gross but my mediaplayer told me that the second part was only some 30 minutes in length. And I thought the second part was also 1 hour in length. Is my software to blame of did something go wrong there a Bloomberg ? Could you look into this matter ?

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