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Reset: A new week begins, a fresh chance to see what will be. Oh, and our morning train reads:

• Return of the Stockpickers: Active managers seek to recapture their lost glory as interest rates rise. (Barron’s) but see Hedge Funds Take Cautious Line on Stocks Use of Leverage Declines; Wall Street Analysts Recommend Shares of Big U.S. Firms (WSJ)
• Seven golden rules of investing as markets defy gravity (Telegraph)
• How OPEC Weaponized the Price of Oil Against U.S. Drillers (Bloomberg) see also Plunging Oil: What the Past Tells Us (Barron’s)
• There Is No Effective Fiduciary Duty to Maximize Profits (Medium)
• The Depression’s Unheeded Lessons (NYT)

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  1. hue commented on Jan 12

    35 maps that explain how America is a nation of immigrants (Vox)

    Google’s share of the US search market has fallen to 2008 levels (Quartz) Nick Denton says the traffic game is over, and BuzzFeed has won (GigaOm) is this like Yahoo winning the portal war, AOL winning dial up?

    The Dez Bryant catch (non-catch) celebrity Twitter scorecard(SBNation)

  2. VennData commented on Jan 12

    History will be kind to President Obama

    ​ “[​President ​Obama] has amassed a record of policy accomplishment far deeper than even many of his supporters give him credit for. He has also survived a dismal, and frequently terrifying, 72 months when at every moment, to go by the day-to-day media, a crisis has threatened to rock his presidency to its core … the BP oil spill, swine flu, the Christmas underwear bomber, the IRS scandal, the healthcare.org launch, the border crisis, Benghazi. …”He has a legendarily, almost fanatically placid temperament. He has now spent eight years, counting from the start of his first presidential campaign, keeping his head while others were losing theirs.”​


    And the GOP will look like peevish assholes.

    • Crocodile Chuck commented on Jan 12


      Too bad about the complete abrogation of responsibility of the Obama Administration in regulating, breaking up and cleaning up Wall Street & the banks after 9/15/2008.

      Venn Diagram Overlap: the null set.

  3. VennData commented on Jan 12

    Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Terrorism “Expert” think Birmingham UK is a Totally Muslim City.


    Who makes GOPers say the stupidest things as if they were true?
    Rupert Murdoch, that’s who.

    This is what you end up with as your vetted, filtered political nut that will say the “right” things.

  4. VennData commented on Jan 12

    Rupert Murdoch: “…Muslims Must Be Held Responsible’


    ​​Just as white people must be held responsible for all white crime.​ Catholics for all priest molesters, etc.

    GOP voter,

    ​You keep listening to this guy, reading his editorials. watching his infotainment.​ The chief pipes operator for the GOP media machine. THAT’S why when you face someone who has the data they make of fool out of the bias, incompetent blather that comes out of your pie hole.

    Hey Republican. YOU are this clown.

  5. VennData commented on Jan 12

    Raise my taxes!
    Spare no expense!
    Nancy Pelosi must be given a jet to Paris! And President Obama must join her!!

  6. Jojo commented on Jan 12

    I have difficulty with the Bush/Clinton dynasty meme that appears to be building in the media.

    Bush I’m okay with since there have been two of them as president and a third one is now trying to get elected president. But with the Clinton’s, only one them has been president.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Elizabeth Warren as president but unsure that she has the necessary experience.

    • hue commented on Jan 12

      yeah, America has always had problems with oligarchy, those founding fathers (the original right wingers, libertarians who didn’t want to pay taxes), and clans like the Roosevelts and Kennedy. I hope that Hillary wins just for the political theater. Remember people not wanting those polarizing Clintons on 2008, we needed the uniter Obama, and the politics of compromise. kumbaya

  7. hue commented on Jan 15

    Worth (radiolab) high drug price and what is a year of life worth?

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