10 Thursday AM Reads

Happy Chinese New Year — the year of the goat.  But there are no goats in our morning train reads:

• Why the Alarms About a Slight Rate Hike? (WSJ) see also Fed Appears to Hesitate on Raising Interest Rate (NYT)
• Bull Signal: Basic Material Stocks Starting to Rally (Barron’s)
• The Miracle of Minneapolis: No other place mixes affordability, opportunity, and wealth so well. What’s its secret? (The Atlantic)
• Negative rates as global cash burn (FT Alphavillesee also Unbalanced hopes for the world economy (FT)
• Oil Is Cratering. American Oil Isn’t. What Gives? (Slate)
• How Our Memories Shape Market Cycles (A Wealth of Common Sense)
• Last Year Saw Pivot In New-Home Sizes (Real Time Economics)
• Microsoft Has Suddenly Gotten Serious With Mobile (NYT) see also Redmond and Reality (stratechery)
• The (Mobile) Investor of the Future (Medium)
• Norm Macdonald Tweeted About The SNL Anniversary & You’re Gonna Want To Read Every Word (Gothamist)

What are you reading?



Commercial property has been delivering excellent returns

Source: The Economist


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  1. VennData commented on Feb 19

    CNBC had the CEO of Hershey on.

    When asked what his response was to the fact the all the processed sugars in his product are bad he said, “Consumer want things in their products they can pronounce.”

    Please. Anchors. just stop the guy and ask him to show the survey data that says people are more concerned with the mouthing of ingredients rather than their affect?

    CNBC YOU are the problem. YOU are letting high-and-mighty liars people get away with this crap.

  2. VennData commented on Feb 19

    Jeb Bush insists he’s not his brother, despite trying to muscle out competitors by showing off his big-money connections — just like his brother.

    Jeb Bush insists he’s not his brother, despite using immigration and education to showcase himself as a different kind of Republican — just like his brother.

    Jeb Bush insists he’s not his brother, despite articulating a robust foreign policy and modest critique of Iraq war — just like his brother.

    Jeb Bush insists he’s not his brother, despite using Paul Wolfowitz, Steve Hadley and Meghan O’Sullivan for foreign-policy advice — just like this brother.

    Jeb Bush insists he’s not his brother, despite getting tongue-tied, more than once, in explaining all of this — just like his brother.

    Jeb Bush clearly isn’t his brother!


    • intlacct commented on Feb 20

      I was thinking someone should put together a very long chart of all the nonsense the Republicans said in 2008 and doubled down on in 2012 with regard to Mr. Obama. Consorting with terrorists, doesn’t love America, Muslim, dumb, lazy, etc. etc. If you are wrong/an un-truth teller, passer-on of rumor and innuendo 99% of the time, why on earth should we listen to you? And then only on the smallest and least consequential matters.

  3. VennData commented on Feb 19

    Bush is un-electable.

    “…​an influential conservative group with a network of more than 7 million conservative activists has declared the former Florida governor “unelectable.” ForAmerica, which describes itself as “an online army” of conservatives led by longtime activist Brent Bozell, released a one minute video to its network Thursday morning that shows Bush praising former Secretary of State and potential presidential challenger Hillary Clinton…”​


    That is appalling! ​Praising a Clinton for ANYTHING is the highest for of disgust. You stood with me when the esteemed Mike Huckabee said everything Obama is for we are against.


    ​That goes for double for The Clinton​s and TRIPLE for the left wing Bushes!!!!

    It’s time to leave the GOP! What has the GOP every done for us but lie, use us, ignore us!!

  4. RW commented on Feb 19

    The Failure of Austerity In Pictures

    Below are three charts for government spending, debt/GDP and overall GDP for Spain, Ireland and Portugal. All three of these countries have backed Germany in that country’s clear squashing of Greek’s overtures to renegotiate its debt. However, all three countries also demonstrate one clear fact: austerity doesn’t work. They are supporting Germany out of concern that, should Greece be allowed to renegotiate, then the governments of these three countries would have political challenges in the same manner as the previous Greek government. ….

    NB: When it comes to their own employment vs the employment of millions of their citizens the choice is clear, eh. Lines up rather nicely with Cassandra’s observations WRT the increased public deployment of negative hyperbole when it comes to any form of stimulus.

  5. Winchupuata commented on Feb 19

    Borrowing from millennial jargon, austerity, how is this still a thing?

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