The Changing Nature of Middle-Class Jobs

Source: NY Times

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  1. CDizzle commented on Feb 23

    Soooooooo…what happens after the Boomers die off?

  2. reedsch commented on Feb 23

    So, what are the (presumably) guys who used to be machine operators, production supervisors, welders, graders, and truck drivers doing now? Working as health and legal assistants, financial managers, and computer scientists?

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Feb 23

      They are doing nothing. The production jobs have gone to China. We don’t need truck drivers hauling intermediate goods, only long haul drivers from the West Coast.

    • Donald commented on Feb 24

      They are applying for disability. There are nearly 250,000 applications filed per month! (Nationally)

  3. BillG commented on Feb 23

    So if engineers have lost share can we please stop whining about shortages in STEM fields. Lets replace STEM with Computer Science since that’s the only STEM field seeing any above-average increase in employment.

    • VennData commented on Feb 23

      No keep working on STEM, full bore. Teach people to do tech.

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