Kimmel: A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement

Jimmy feels that all of this anti-vaccination silliness is starting to snowball, so he invited some real doctors to address it. These are actual medical professionals so hear them out and then decide for yourself.



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  1. Winchupuata commented on Mar 1

    The retarded braindeads that don’t vaccinate their kids are the same retarded braindeads that believe in every crazy conspiracy theory out there, so this video, while laudable and funny, if watched by one of those people will be interpreted as simply another misinformation piece put out by the government/big pharma/trilateral commission/free masons/NWO/aliens/shape shifter lizards/bilderburgs/whatever crap is the big bad wolf at the moment. With that said I’m happy to see this being addressed in mainstream shows.

    • neilmcgovern commented on Mar 2

      Here is my tin foil scale to measure conspiracies:

      1. Number of people who have to keep the secret (100=1, 1,000=2, 100,000=3, etc)
      2. Diversity of the accused conspirators (all from same community = 1, similar types of people = 2, diverse in single nation = 4, diverse across planet = 6)
      3. Length of time secret has been kept (1 month = 1, 1 year = 2, 1 decade = 4, 100+ years = 6)

      e.g. Moon Landings:
      1. 100,000+ = 3
      2. Diverse, single nation = 4
      3. Length of time = 50 years = 4
      Tin foil hat scale = 11

      e.g. Climate conspiracy:
      1. 1,000,000+ = 4
      2. Diverse, planet wide = 6
      3. Length 200+ years of science = 6
      Tin foil hat scale = 16

      Care to take a go at the score for the anti-vaxxers?

    • ema82 commented on Mar 2

      Back when I was a pretty clever, pretty arrogant, and pretty ignorant 17 year old I used to reason about like this. These “hysterical mums” are probably wrong and their arguments and fears poorly thought out, but a blind faith in everything that is established by the prevailing “scientific” consensus is almost equally naive, as that consensus often is based on much less solid evidence than we expect. And while conspiracy is a big silly-sounding word, pressure groups and vested interests do exist in any field. Also, perhaps more important, most experts in a field tend to resist disruptive new information that potentially makes their know-how obsolete. They often resist in good faith, because human beings tend to feel strongly about what is good… for them.

      You all might be interested in the story of Ignaz Semmelweis, a sad weirdo who in 1840’s Vienna, without scientific proof and based mostly on his own not very rigorous statistical observations insisted that doctors’ dirty hands caused a lot of mothers to die after giving birth. He ended up being killed in a mental asylum. Nowadays doctors wash their hands and there is a statue in central Vienna honouring him.

  2. Willy2 commented on Mar 2

    Kimmel made an excellent point.

  3. LeftCoastIndependent commented on Mar 2

    Well, with a bit of luck, these anti-vaccine libertarian whackos will die off from some avoidable disease.

    • GetReal1 commented on Mar 2

      Most people (libertarians included) would willingly vaccinate their kids in order to prevent them from getting a devastating disease. Granted that there are some nuts (liberals included) out there who refuse any and all vaccinations, but there are others who just do not agree with the current recommended vaccination schedule (i.e. would rather space shots out over time, not give more than 2 shots at a time, have monthly shots instead, etc). The only issue libertarians have here are the forced vaccination mandates.

      And you wishing death upon people is just plain wrong, it’s like me hoping that one day government in its infinite wisdom decides to force some relatively untested vaccine upon you leaving you sterile and/or dumber as the result.

    • willid3 commented on Mar 2

      i have no real problem with those who dont want to vaccinate, but if you dont, then your kids cant participate with other kids in elective activities, and i am really questioning if
      they should even be allowed into schools unless all,of the students are not vaccinated . and that should apply to any school, including college

    • rd commented on Mar 2

      Unfortunately, many of them were vaccinated as children and therefore they are likely to be immune to the avoidable disease. It is their kids that will get sick.

      Many of these diseases were effectively eradicated in the US. I wonder how these parents will feel if their children end up dead or with serious disabilities? I assume they will sue their doctors and hospitals for not saving them.

  4. ch commented on Mar 4

    FDA documents secured by Judicial Watch under an FOIA request show 28 girls died after getting the Gardasil HPV vaccine in 2008.

    This did not hit the news media, and none of the parents could sue the drug maker because since 1986, drug manufacturers have been exempt from being sued for vaccine injuries. The Federal government has paid $3B out to vaccine injured kids under this program.

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