MiB: BAML’s Michelle Meyer

This week, the “Masters in Business” radio podcast features Michelle Meyer, North American Economist for Bank America Merrill Lynch. Meyer was also named to Forbes list of “30 under 30 in finance.”

In our podcast, Michelle discusses the current economic cycle, what makes this recovery so different, and what has been missing.

We also chatted about more personal issues: What it was like being at Lehman Brothers in the midst of the financial crisis and the firm’s bankruptcy. We also discuss the challenges facing women in what has been a male dominated profession, and what a day in the life is like at a big firm for an economist.

Listen to the podcast live here, on BloombergApple iTunes or SoundCloud. All of our prior podcasts are now available on iTunes.

Next week, we speak with Brad Katsuyama of IEX who is probably best known to the public for his role in Michael Lewis’ book Flash Boys.

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  1. b_thunder commented on Mar 7

    Under 30 y.o. and already a “Master” and “of Business” of all things?

    Ok, she’s much “friendlier” public “face” of BAML on CNBC and Bloomberg than David Rosenberg used to be. I get that.

    “In our podcast, Michelle discusses the current economic cycle” – what does she know about business cycle other than what you, I and everyone can read in the pre-Great Recession (i.e. mostly obsolete) text books? Don’t you think that before elevating her to the rarefied ranks of “masters” it would be prudent to wait and see how her work and forecasts would fare after just a few rate increase? I’m not even talking about waiting until the completion of at least one business cycle!

    Did her career span even cover the last of Greenspan’s rate increases?

    • Louise commented on Mar 7

      Why must you diss only the 2nd woman ever on the show?

      I give Barry credit for at least trying to get some of us gals on — keep at it!

    • intlacct commented on Mar 7

      Why must there be special rules for one sex? John Bogle, who (creatively) destroyed the mutual fund industry and who has forgotten more than the sonogram being interviewed in this instance has ever learned, came in for criticism from the founder of this site. Fair is fair.

      OTOH I do agree we should hear other voices. Want a woman on? Help BR get Brooksley Born on. Why not help get Helaine Olen on? Senator Warren would be outstanding. A European or SOuth American socialist would be wonderful. Why? Because not every society in the world finds it acceptable that people with brains and drive should be denied an education because of money? Not every society finds it acceptable to be in an almost continual state of war. Not every society finds it acceptable to sell your elections to the highest bidder – 1 man: 1 million votes. Not every society finds it acceptable that a person can do everything right for sixty years, get a predictable illness and lose it all. Are there no female socialists who say such things? Ms. Warren definitely says a lot of these things. These are the BIG ticket items. Solve them and economics can go in the back seat, where Maynard and I think it belongs.

    • b_thunder commented on Mar 8

      And I give Barry credit for allowing my initial comment.

  2. OscarWildeDog commented on Mar 8

    I agree with Louise – thanks Barry for getting some gals on the show. Much needed. However, she is NOT in my top 20. I suppose you can be a wunderkind of sorts and have a job at her level at her age; but waxing on about something that essentially started when she was an undergrad is a head-scratcher. I do think someone needs a little more seasoning before she comes off as an expert.

    So maybe if she asked YOU some questions. That would be cool. But like I said, thanks for trying to get the females up to bat.

  3. MonkeyBrains commented on Mar 8

    So she’s under 30 with Bachelor & Master degrees in Economics from Boston U and is working at BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research as a managing director & senior North American economist. Yeah, she probably doesn’t know squat about business cycles ;-). Isn’t it pathetic how some people have to bad-mouth youth-with-brains in order to feel good about themselves?

    • b_thunder commented on Mar 8

      You call this pathetic, Warren Buffet says that “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

      Question: what did this this fine economist write/predict the last time the tide has turned? Can someone point out her work from 2006-2007-2008?

      Was she more like David Rosenberg or more in line with David Lereah and Lawrence Yun (the chief promoters from Nat’l Association of Realtors? )


      ADMIN: She was at Lehman, and was very skeptical about the housing boom.

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