Indiana’s SB-01– Is Not Pro Religion, Its Anti-Gay

Governor Mike Pence is lying about the purpose of this law. The photo below, and who the governor invited to its being signed into law, very much reveals the motivation behind SB101 — its not pro-religion, its anti-gay, and thats wrong.

Its also bad business — companies like Apple and Angies List may very well be the tip of the iceberg; I suspect we may see other companies vote with their feet — and their dollars. Pence has revealed himself, and may have just torpedoed his own Presidential ambitions.

The Party of Lincoln, what happened to you?


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Source: GLAAD

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  1. Whammer commented on Mar 30

    When you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas….

    • Robert M commented on Mar 31

      As the picture shows when get in the mud w/ hogs you find out they like it.

    • JoeG commented on Mar 31

      I prefer: Lie down with pigs, wake up with swine. But we’re just quibbling…

  2. catman commented on Mar 31

    When the NCAA steps up against you publicly you have made a mistake so big that even they, with their eyes closed, can smell it.

  3. beltdrive commented on Mar 31

    I appreciate you posting this. It’s a very dangerous.


    BigPicture reader/Gay investor/Audiophile.

  4. doug commented on Mar 31

    Thanks for posting. I sent this link to friends on both sides of the aisle.

  5. WickedGreen commented on Mar 31

    Dear God, I love the smell of Teapublicans furiously doing the backstroke.

    Whoops! I mean, of course, “clarifying”.

  6. constantnormal commented on Mar 31

    There is a silver cloud to all this, Indiana Governor was anticipated to be planning on a run for the White House (perhaps bestowing an unintended meaning on the name) — I suspect that we will now be spared the spectacle of yet another extremist embarrassing themselves and our nation …

  7. DeDude commented on Mar 31

    Just last week a friend of mine told me about a failed recruitment of a top notch specialist because of concerns about the discrimination against gays in his state. The specialist was a lesbian woman who’s partner is going to have “their” baby. Problem is that since she is not the biological parent of the child, the laws and attitudes of the state is a big concern. Will she be able to get full parental rights to the child by adoption? Will she be able to get full marriage rights as a partner (inheritance etc.)? What about taxes for her partner and child in case she die?, etc., etc. Very essential personal issues are up in the air if you move to one of these backwards redneck havens. If I ran a company I sure as hell would not run the risk of not being able to recruit because of this type if stupidity and discrimination. Do not move your business to those states, because it will become an increasingly more serious drag on your ability to recruit.

  8. Seaton commented on Apr 1

    Nothing new here. Whammer’s got it right. Once one decides to become a politician–& Pence has for decades—he knows he’s been “shafted” by his “constituents”, especially those “supporters” in the photo. Why this isn’t on the front page of most every newspaper in the country (could we do one on Hillary as well?) is disappointing to me. Pence is doing that thing that politicians do—thanks B.R. for showing just so clearly what was the real intent of of Indiana–to say nothing of the other states. Dad used to snark-say that we had the best politicians money could buy. I believe we have dropped-down several tiers of caliber of people nowadays….

  9. bluestatedon commented on Apr 2

    “The Party of Lincoln, what happened to you?”

    What happened is that it’s become a de facto theocratic party dominated at the local, state, and national level by people who believe that Adam and Eve had vegetarian dinosaurs for neighbors in the Garden of Eden 5,000 years ago, that evolution and the science of embryology are “Lies from the pit of Hell” (to quote the memorable words of former GA congressman Paul Broun), and that the Bible is all the United States needs in order to govern its affairs in the 21st century.

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