10 Good Friday Reads

Its Good Friday, and the start of Passover. Here are your 3 day weekend at home morning reads:

• Opening Windows: A once-dominant software giant is determined to prove that life begins again at 40 (The Economist)
• G.M. Bets Big on a Resurgent Cadillac (NY Times)
• Why Data Breaches Don’t Hurt Stock Prices (HBR)
• The Monetarist Mistake (Project Syndicate) see also Milton Friedman, Monetarism, and the Great and Little Depressions (Uneasy Money)
• Tidal and the Future of Music (stratechery)
• Wal-Mart, GE Pressure Has States Changing Tune on Gay Rights (Bloomberg)   see also Indiana’s Religious Conservatives Surrender (Bloomberg View)
• The Best Way to Find an Airfare Online (WSJ)
• Why Obama chose the Iran talks to take one of his presidency’s biggest risks (Washington Post) see also  Iran nuclear talks: a very simple guide (Vox)
How the Gluteus Became Maximus: Debate among scholars about the true origin of a preference among males for curvier backsides. (The Atlantic)
• Adam Riches on Bill Murray: ‘Ghostbusters made me want to be funny’ (The Guardian)

What are you reading?



The deficit as a proportion of GDP

Source: Office for Budget Responsibility



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  1. hidflect commented on Apr 3

    • The Best Way to Find an Airfare Online (WSJ)
    It was behind the paywall but my own research doesn’t need a whole article. Just go to hipmunk.com

  2. VennData commented on Apr 3

    Mark Kirk another “Moderate” republican predicts the future.

    ““We should be a reviewing presence to see how this unfolds,” Kirk said of Congress’ role, adding: “Which we all know is going to end with a mushroom cloud somewhere near Tehran.”


    The Republicans are 0-11 on Obama predictions. When are they going to getting a new coach?

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Apr 3

      Well, it will end that way if Kirk, Cheney, Cruz and company have their way.

  3. rd commented on Apr 3

    Re: Deficit as a proportion of GDP

    It looks like it is time to schedule another major, expensive war to begin in 2018.

    • VennData commented on Apr 3

      Does Michele Obama really think she loves my kids as much as I do?

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Apr 3

      Probably more if she wants them to eat healthy food.

    • rd commented on Apr 3

      The current GOP is in search of their next napkin-economist who can draw the equivalent of the Laffer Curve showing how to increase healthcare accessibility without costing the government, employers, or taxpayers any money while not reducing income for the healthcare sector.

    • BillG commented on Apr 3

      Eh, let him run his fat mouth. But lets stop sending him OUR MONEY. $3B/yr? Ridiculous.

  4. swag commented on Apr 3

    Hi, Barry. Isn’t the Office for Budget Responsibility a UK outfit? Wondering if that chart is for the UK or the US. Thanks!

  5. Whammer commented on Apr 3

    @rd, that is both depressing and probably accurate.

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