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Welcome back to the workweek, as earnings season starts to heat up. We have you covered with our artisanal morning train reads:

• Corporate Revenue Helps Explain Stock Troubles (MoneyBeatbut see More Americans Are Out of the Market Than In It (MoneyBeat)
• The Biggest Threat To Your Portfolio (TRB)
• Top 10 Bank Lobbyist Rebuttals to Fiduciary Standard (Alpha Architect)
• Twitter and What Might Have Been (Stratechery)
• Jon Stewart: why I quit The Daily Show. Stewart’s decision to retire as host of the satirical news show after 16 years has left liberal America in mourning. So why is he leaving just before an election – and what will happen when he steps out from behind the desk? (The Guardian)

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  1. rd commented on Apr 20

    “Sales are coming in lower than analysts expected” – It sounds like the 1% need to kick their spending into gear to keep their companies’ revenues up. Consumer sentiment is probably up because they don’t think they are getting laid off next month, but they aren’t going to spend much more if their median household income continues declining. Many of the consumers are aging and are trying to pay off debt, not take on new debt.

  2. rd commented on Apr 20

    Here’s a reason why corporate sales are down – 25-34 year olds have a higher unemployment rate than the general population (this has been the case since 2002 but was definitely not the case previously).

    Meanwhile, many tail-end baby boomers like us are aggressively saving for retirement and paying off debt with a goal of having no debt at all going into retirement. Those two combined probably use up 50% of gross income right now (paying off debt has to occur with after tax dollars while retirement savings is before tax dollars) – we were able to switch to this mode after putting several kids through college. Neither of these income uses result in store sales but they are a reason the savings rate is climbing.

    • mitchn commented on Apr 20

      Spot on, @RD. Our situation precisely.

  3. Jojo commented on Apr 20

    Norway Will Be the First Country to Turn Off FM Radio in 2017

    Norway’s Minister of Culture announced this week that a national FM-radio switch off will commence in 2017, allowing the country to complete its transition over to digital radio. It’s the end of an era.

    As Radio.no notes, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) will provide Norwegian listeners more diverse radio channel content than ever before. Indeed, DAB already hosts 22 national channels in Norway, as opposed to FM radio’s five, and a TNS Gallup survey shows that 56% of Norwegian listeners use digital radio every day. While Norway is the first country in the world to set a date for an FM switch-off, other countries in Europe and Southeast Asia are also in the process of transitioning to DAB.


    • Iamthe50percent commented on Apr 20

      So, the end of free broadcast radio. I am saddened, although I am a SiriusXM subscriber. I also have cable TV but usually only wath what was once free broadcast analog TV. Pay for songs, pay for TV, pay to breathe next?

    • Jojo commented on Apr 21

      Try internet radio through your cellphone using apps like (TuneIn, Audials, or RAD.IO). You need decent data amount or Wi-Fi.

      Huge number of free stations for all genres, whatever your music preferences.

    • BillG commented on Apr 21

      Not sure this is the end of free broadcast radio. Its just the end of analog broadcast radio – at least in Norway. They’re basically doing what we did to broadcast TV back in 2009. We have some digital radio in this country too. Its called HD radio. I’m reluctant to try it though because to be honest HD tv sucks in bad weather but at least it offers far superior picture. What is digital radio buying me? On a good day the sound will be marginally better and I get a little more info about the artist than I’d otherwise get. On a bad day I get to listen to pixelation as I drive through a rainstorm. And for that I have to buy and install a whole new receiver. No thanks.

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