10 Monday AM Reads

Good San Francisco morning! Just because I am three thousand miles from home does not mean I would abandon you. Some not so early morning reads:

• China’s Long Bull Run: Booming Hong Kong stock market could go higher, but not without some bumps along the way (Barron’s)
• Memory of ‘Flash Crash’ Weighs on Markets and Regulators (MoneyBeat)
• The ESG Takeover: Is environmental, social, and governance investing actually serious business for Europe’s largest investors? (Chief Investment Officer)
• Time to Make CEO Pay Match Shareholder Performance (Fiscal Times)
• Oil Leak Is Latest Mishap for Alaska’s Troubled Pipelines (ProPublica)
• Ten questions that Ben Bernanke needs to learn how to not answer (Medium)
• Millennials don’t trust anyone. That’s a big deal. (The Fix)
• How Two Billionaires Are Remaking Detroit in Their Flawed Image (Gawker)
• UndueForce (Baltimore Sun)
• Scientists achieve critical steps to building first practical quantum computer (Phys)

What are you reading?



US Companies Resume Quest for Low-Tax Addresses

Source: Bloomberg View



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    • Iamthe50percent commented on May 4

      Oh dear indeed! I hope Bill just got up grumpy. Maybe he has a Magnesium deficiency. As for me, I also am just turning 70 and turned out to pasture. I might add with a LOT less money than Bill Gross! But my thoughts are:” Hey, maybe I’ve still got 20 years to enjoy life. Maybe even 30.” This despite the activity of politicians of BOTH parties to reduce my pensions to poverty level. Much more than death, I fear TPP destroying the economy and turning Life into a Living Hell for everyone except the 0.1%

    • VennData commented on May 4

      Naw, Democrats aren’t out to reduce you pensions. That’s the Republican’s you’re talking about.

    • ilsm commented on May 4



      Maybe climate disaster will end the misery. The ‘man’ working for the .01% could “do” (what the Nazis did for) the ghettoes and near ghettoes.

      A few neighborhoods in Baltimore have life expectancies lower than anywhere in the world except Yemen.

    • intlacct commented on May 4

      One party opposed Social Security, One party opposed Medicare, Two parties deregulated financial services and then One party advocated privatizing Social Security two years before the greatest crash since 1929 (which the same party fomented, ironically), One party proposed vouchers and used the crisis they created to make a 3rd [50th?] attempt at ending Social Secuirty [‘it’s a Ponzi scheme’], One party fought like crazy to end unions and the last non-federal defined benefit plans. The GOP. Enjoy!

    • Iamthe50percent commented on May 5

      VennData, intlacct I submit to you that Bowles of Bowles-Simpson was a Democrat and that President Obama (supposedly a Democrat) has repeatedly called for chained CPI and means testing Social Security. It’s NOT just one Party. It’s all the corporatists in Washington.

      I believe, but can’t cite that HRC has also flirted with these ideas.

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