Along Came Pollen

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  1. murrayv commented on May 29

    Seems to be confirmation that atmospheric CO2 is a plant fertilizer, and has nothing to do with climate change. In fact both world and USA average temperature trends are slightly down since 2003, while CO2 and pollen trends are steadily up. Given the growing need for higher crop yields we should be thankful for the increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration.

    • DeDude commented on May 30

      Yes there is always one place in the world getting a little colder if you cherry pick the starting date of your measurements (“since 2003”), and completely ignore what happens on the rest of the globe. However, that kind of “argument” “supported” by cherry picked “data” does not get much traction unless you talk to the type of morons that populate Fox “news” and right wing web sites – you are in the wrong place, go away.

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