10 Wednesday AM Reads

Happy FOMC day! Start it off with our organic, Yellen-free morning train reads:

• Obsessing Over Profit Margins Is Good Way to Miss S&P 500 Gains (Bloomberg)
• Energy Industry Is Gassing Down: Collapse of oil and gas prices has producers rethinking output (WSJ)
• With Eye on Fiscal Armageddon, Texas Set to ‘Repatriate’ Its Gold To New Texas Fort Knox (Talking Points Memosee also Texas wants its gold back! Wait, what? (WonkBlog)
• Amazon Vs. Uber In the Delivery Wars (Climateer)
• A Thirsty Colorado Is Battling Over Who Owns Raindrops (NY Timessee also Pope Francis calls for an end to the ‘tyrannical’ exploitation of nature by mankind (The Guardian)

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  1. VennData commented on Jun 17

    Jade Helm! Bring us back our gold! Motorcycle gangs! Police Station takeovers!

    Texas needs distractions from the destruction of their business model: Saudi Cartel Supported Oil Price.

    How do those free markets feel for you Texas?

    • willid3 commented on Jun 17

      oh oh., see what happens when one of the owners is an arab?

    • kaleberg commented on Jun 17

      Does anyone else remember the unsecured Iraqi military bases and ammo dumps? I’d imagine it was intentional if I didn’t recognize it as incompetence.

      Let’s see, we got Al Qaeda from Ronald Reagan who backed him against the Russians in Afghanistan. Then we got ISIS from George W. Bush who didn’t have the slightest clue as to how to run an invasion. Do we really need another Islamic terrorist group? Can we afford another Republican president?

  2. rd commented on Jun 17

    Re: Obsessing over profit margins

    The best tidbit in that piece is the analysts’ prediction that revenue for the S&P 500 will jump 6% next year despite being essentially flat this year.

    Yep…margins don’t matter much if revenue is growing 6% a year. But if revenue doesn’t grow strongly, then margins will become very important.

    • willid3 commented on Jun 17

      and it seems like sales aka revenue hasnt been growing for most businesses for a while now

    • rd commented on Jun 17

      That is going to change any day now…..

  3. swag commented on Jun 17

    Adding China A-Shares to the Index: What It Means for Fundholders


    I’m overweight emerging markets via index funds and ETFs, relative to the rest of my international stock allocation (also index funds). It has been a good ride for the past 20 years, but I don’t relish the though of my EM index funds buying China A-shares at the top of a bubble. Might do some trimming of those positions and reallocate (maybe even to the Ritholtz fave DVYE which, in spite of taking a kicking lately, pays that sweet-assed dividend yield).

    • intlacct commented on Jun 18

      $1.6bb? Don’t they make $20bb a quarter?

    • kaleberg commented on Jun 18

      I almost always read the comments. Then again, back when I used to read newspapers I’d read the letters to the editor first.

  4. reedsch commented on Jun 17

    Oh please, what is a $1.6 trillion (2014 figure) Texas economy going to do with $1 billion worth of gold? A classic example of the primitive worship of Keynes’ barbarous relic. However this may give Colorado an idea….hummm, how much gold was hauled out of OUR mountains?

  5. gordo365 commented on Jun 17

    Texas open carry vote caused massive flooding.

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