2015 Two-Bedroom Rental Unit Housing Wage

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  1. Iamthe50percent commented on Jun 15

    Looks like even in Kentucky you can’t make it on minimum wage. Back to Mom’s basement.

    Does the federal minimum wage apply in Puerto Rico and American Samoa?

    Looks like in Hawaii, I couldn’t even afford to rent as a topped out Postal Mechanic or Technician. Is everyone rich in hawaii? Or do people live on the beach like Bangladesh?

  2. rd commented on Jun 15

    This is meaningless in States like NY, MA, CA. Rental or purchase costs are completely different depending on whether or not you are in a major city like NYC or somewhere else like Upstate NY.

  3. Livermore Shimervore commented on Jun 15

    can’t afford to rent? Easy solution. Let’s get them into a 30 year mortgage, never ending property taxes, maintenance, insurance and let them join the U.S. savings rate of 5% club. Back in 1975 saving rate was 17%…. you know, when real estate prices weren’t on lend-to-securitize steroids. Meanwhile house prices since 1993? barely hitting 3% while energy, healthcare and tech are into the double digits over the same 20 years.
    When income inequality leaves you on the back foot, just dig deeper into the mortgage, credit card and auto loan debt hole and avoid investing in the leading sector index funds profiting from U.S. corporate wealth going global… it will all work out fine in the end.

  4. Robert M commented on Jun 15

    Do you have a metro guide for the same facts?

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