Natural vs. Human Causes of Climate Change

Click through for the interactive graphic.

Source: Bloomberg

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  1. emrah commented on Jun 26

    How are we going to trade this Barry ?


    ADMIN: Intelligently

  2. DeDude commented on Jun 26

    This is a really nice way of using graphics to explain a multivariate model. A number of different factors can influence temperatures so you look at each separately, and then bring them into a combined model that nicely fit the actual observations.

  3. LiberTea commented on Jun 27

    What can we do about it?
    By their model: chop down more trees, emit more aerosols, instigate volcanic activity.

    The authors of the graphic ignored the LITTLE ICE AGE that ended in 1870
    By limiting the analysis to the last century, they have excluded a centuries-old trend that determined their baseline.

    It is interesting how in the mediaspace the argument goes back and forth between global warming and climate change.

    The authors talk of a 40% increase in CO2 since 1750, but don’t mention the 780% increase in human population.

  4. bear_in_mind commented on Jun 29

    Gotta recommend the documentary Chasing Ice as it has a terrific graphic that shows the natural variability in CO2 levels going back more than 500,000 years and makes an incredibly convincing argument that CO2 levels have soared due to human activity, especially since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

    It’s kind of a “Duh, Sherlock” point, except for the presence of the intellectually stunted right-wing cabal who oppose anything not based on Family Values. Speaking of Family Values, Bristol Palin is once again preggers out-of-wedlock, but I guess the right-wingers will look past it because it must get awfully lonely staring over the back fence at Russia.

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