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Here are our mid-week, fourth day rally, hand-curated, morning train reads:

• Short Investing Philosophies: Ten Words or Less. (Motley Fool)
• At 20, Amazon Continues to Defy Predictions (Bloombergsee also Amazon Dreams Up a Sale in a Calendar Bursting With Them (NYT)
• Yanis Varoufakis opens up about his five month battle to save Greece (New Statesman)
• Stock-Market Hoaxes, From ‘Napoleon Is Dead’ to ‘Twitter for Sale’ (MoneyBeat)
• The Death of Reddit (Chuq von Raspachbut see Would Reddit Be Reddit Without Chaos? (Bloomberg)

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  1. VennData commented on Jul 15

    carlbildt: “I think the work of the Nobel Committee of the Norwegian Parliament this year just got much easier.”

    • howardoark commented on Jul 15

      It will be almost as easy as in 1973 when they awarded it to Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho for “ending” the war in Viet Nam. Mr. Le declined the prize. One wonders if Mr. Zarif will accept it. You know Kerry, following in Kissinger’s footsteps, won’t miss the award’s ceremony.

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Jul 15

      It’s been the American Way for a long time.

  2. reedsch commented on Jul 15

    Wonder if Reddit will cause the VC’s to examine the wisdom of trying to put themselves in charge of everything.

  3. VennData commented on Jul 15

    Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action


    So the GOP thinks that Iran having break out capability soon is something they can bomb, bomb, bomb.

    They will be able to the P5+1 together again with how well the rest of the world views Republicans.

    Nothing but bad things will happen in ten years, at which time we can’t revert to the two points above.

    Obama’s activist government push into alternative energy will make us MORE vulnerable to the Middle Eastern Oli cudgel?

    I just don’t wee how anyone who is not some emotional basket case of red-faced hatred can support the GOP on this, infrastructure, immigration, Confederate flags, capped bank leverage ratios and all the other BS “The Base” believes.

    • rd commented on Jul 15

      This is what happens when you legalize recreational marijuana. It doesn’t happen with alcohol users – they just crash their cars into telephone poles instead.

  4. RW commented on Jul 15

    The only people who could start a third political party in the USA these days are people you probably wouldn’t want to.

    Trumpism would be the perfect ideology for a third party

    The past few weeks have revealed what a successful third party might look like in American politics. Not the milquetoast, deficit-cutting third party of elder statesmen’s dreams but something very different. …

    Indeed, Trumpism is what a third party would have to sound like to get traction in America — a grab bag of issue positions that appeal to a substantial minority of the electorate but that neither party wants to wholeheartedly embrace because the ideas are too toxic in the elite circles that fund campaigns. But a Trump-like figure can run a national campaign on a Trump-like agenda since he’s rich enough to fund himself. ….

    NB: IOW something like Ross Perot but with fewer pretensions to pragmatism or logic and more Know-Nothing-style nativism.

    What’s that on the horizon? Another case study illustrating the lack of correlation between wealth and wisdom.

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