The Most Expensive Real Estate Markets in the World

San Francisco should be in here, depending upon how its defined: The greater Bay Area is about $1,000 a square foot, but if you take the city proper, its on par with NY/London/Paris.



Source: Jackson Rowe

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  1. JBJNR commented on Aug 28

    Numbers look way off – for example, all the square footage numbers are wrong. I have lived in three of these cities and can tell you the average size of a property in NY is not 6,500 sq ft. And the price per sq ft? Also wrong – a 1000 sq ft apartment does not on average cost $4.1 million. Maybe you can find a few apartments at that price point, but folks that can spend $4k per sq ft usually want a lot more square feet. In none of the cities listed are the numbers even close to credible. The average size of a Tokyo apartment is three times that of New York? Not on this planet . . .

  2. robertgrumbles commented on Aug 28

    Yeah, something’s not right here. I’m sure hong kong is expensive but I’m guessing the average price is not $57 Million.

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