9/11 Remembered

Each year, I do my best to avoid writing anything new about September 11th.

Instead, I will just point you to my experiences that day (which I wrote up the evening of 9/11). I was the Market Strategist for a firm headquartered at 2 WTC, offices on the 29th floor. I was fortunate to be in the LI office as events unfolded, and I managed to get my head trader on the phone. Bill gave me a full running narration of what was occurring in real time, until the towers went down and broke our phone connection. (Everyone in our office survived).  I put all of what he said down on paper, and published it the next day at the now defunct Geocities (I saved a copy before that site disappeared).

A Personal Recollection From a Day of Horror (September 12th, 2001).

If you are curious as to the details of how this page came to be, please look here. All of the responses to the posts were deeply gratifying. I gathered many of the responses and posted them here.

I have nothing else to add . . .


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  1. RW commented on Sep 11

    I didn’t care for the following when I first encountered it but grappling with the logic was clarifying.

    “An Anomalous Event”

    This post got a lot of people up in arms last year. But it’s truly a must read and I want to re-up it on this 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. …

    To me the most notable thing looking back on 9/11 13 years later is how crystal clear it is now that it was an anomalous event and not, contrary to all the rhetoric of the time, the dawn of a new era of domestic terrorism. The fact that basically nothing analogous – meaning a domestic terror attack planned and executed by foreigners or local cells funded by Al Queda or like groups — has happened in the 13 years since is pretty incredible and unexpected. Perhaps more surprising still is that the only viable explanation for the dearth of attacks is that terrorists motivated to carry out attacks inside the United States do not exist.

    We know this because, if they did exist, at least in any remotely capable form, they would have succeeded in carrying out dozens or hundreds of attacks by now because it is simply impossible to completely stop motivated terrorists from carrying out attacks in a free and open society with endless targets and no-questions-asked access to automatic firearms.

    Read the rest here.

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