Coming to Asia: 5,000 New $100 Millionaires

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Source: Visual Capitalist

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  1. toptick commented on Oct 12

    Centimillionaires? The prefix “centi-” means 1/100th, as in centimeter. Perhaps they meant hectomillionaires …

    • RW commented on Oct 12

      Agreed: Centimillionaire means a net worth of $10,000; think a fair number of folks could reach that bar.

      I suspect they would have meant hectomillionaire if they knew what it meant but clearly they didn’t: If they are as incompetent in data analysis as they are with language then the chart is meaningless in toto rather than in part but it was a frivolous chart in the first place (AKA who gives a shit) so no big deal.

    • tagyoureit commented on Oct 13

      Yep, no big deal, just 45k more HNI clients. ;)

      Barry, you don’t mind if I call you Barry? Can a deci-millionaire open an account at RWM? Can you make me a demi-millionaire?

  2. curmudgeon2000 commented on Oct 13

    I don’t much care for chart pr0n to begin with, and this example exhibits one
    of my peeves. Do the circles represent their respective quantities with
    their diameters or their areas? Just one of the many ways that graphic
    display of data can obscure, rather than illuminate.

    • tagyoureit commented on Oct 13


      Growth of the area is represented by the line:

      y= sqrt(x/pi)

    • tagyoureit commented on Oct 13

      Or, more clearly:

      r = sqrt ( area / pi )

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