10 Weekend Reads

Pour yourself some hot Danish Blend in the french press, then settle in for some delightful writing in our longer form weekend reads:

• Making Sense of Dell + EMC + VMware (Andreessen Horowitz)
• Inside Apple’s perfectionism machine (Mashable)
• Inside the Secretive World of Tax-Avoidance Experts (The Atlantic)
• This Is How Uber Takes Over a City (Bloomberg)
• The House science committee is worse than the Benghazi committee (Vox) see also the amazing interactive at Greenland Is Melting Away (NYT)
• How ISIS Spread in the Middle East And how to stop it (Atlantic)
• Free will is back, and maybe we can measure it (Aeon)
• The Suburb That Tried To Kill the Car (Politico) see also Utopias, past and present: why Thomas More remains astonishingly radical (The Guardian)
• Adele: First interview in three years (Vice)
• The Pretty Much True Adventures of the Most Notorious House in Comedy (Buzzfeed)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Mario Gabelli of GAMCO.


Jobless Claims Still Low

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  1. RW commented on Oct 31

    This Kardashian headline shows why two Nobel winners say the economy is broken

    In their first book together, Animal Spirits, Akerlof and Shiller documented all the different ways that people behave emotionally, over-confidently, or naively, and demonstrated how these psychological mistakes resonate through the economy.

    Their latest book, Phishing for Phools, takes the idea further. Not only are people vulnerable to making mistakes with their money, they argue, but the market is exceedingly good at exploiting them. …

  2. CD4P commented on Oct 31

    The Uber article was set in Portland, Oregon. That city had the steepest gradient for public parking I’ve seen anywhere in the U.S. If you used the lot in back of Kell’s Irish Pub, it was $4. If you were willing to cross the street to use a slightly further lot, it was $3. If you were willing to cross the street and walk to the furthest lot at the end of the block, parking was $2. The furthest lot was a 2-minute walk from Kell’s. I guess if you’re young and able-bodied, this seemed silly. But if you’re a senior and walking is a labor, than it makes a difference. Anyways, it just gives insight into how far practicality has entrenched itself into the Portland psyche.

  3. end game commented on Oct 31

    Lamar Smith and his fellow Republicans love government power and overreach when they can use it against causes they oppose.

  4. DeDude commented on Oct 31


    A country does not become “socialist” just because it lets government run certain things that the private sector cannot do in a cost efficient way, or with a reasonably satisfactory result. Otherwise even the US would be labeled as “socialist”. We have public police and fire forces, public libraries and schools just to mention a few. The label “socialist” should be reserved for countries where the government is owner and operator of a major fractions of large goods and services producing entities that the private sector could operate just as effectively and efficiently.

    • willid3 commented on Oct 31

      or that the private sector fails to do even moderately well

  5. VennData commented on Oct 31

    ISIS claims responsibility for Russian plane crash in Egypt



    This would never dare happen under Trump. Carson would have fought the cause of the crash in flight. Jeb would have already killed every ISIS and nation-built the whole region. Rubio admires Putin, sees him as a role model and would keep any Cubans clear of the wreckage…

    Conservatives harbor an odd admiration for Vladimir Putin


    ​”…Marco Rubio echoed that sentiment at the CPAC conference in Washington on Thursday…”​

    • intlacct commented on Oct 31

      They do love Putin, don’t they? I think it is the shirtless picture. Most Republicans are closet homosexuals. Like Dennis Hastert.

  6. Jojo commented on Oct 31

    Just in time for the holidays!
    Month off drinking slashes risk of disease: Abstaining found to heal the liver and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

    – Doctors have warned drinkers should abstain for a month to prevent illness
    – Research has shown it can heal the liver and lower blood pressure levels
    – Those who gave up for a month also at lower risk of cancer and type 2 diabetes
    – Researchers claim ‘staggering’ results can influence drinking guidelines

    By Sophie Borland for the Daily Mail
    Published: 17:48 EST, 25 October 2015

    Drinkers should take a month off alcohol to prevent serious illness in later life, doctors warned yesterday.

    They cited dramatic British research showing how abstention can heal the liver and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Patients who gave up for four weeks were also at lower risk of developing cancer and type 2 diabetes.

    The study is the second at the Royal Free hospital to uncover the huge benefits of staying off booze.
    Researchers said if there was a drug able to produce similar results to a month’s abstinence from alcohol then it would be a ‘multi-billion pound market’


    • DeDude commented on Oct 31

      Well first you have to drink 30 drinks per week – then a dry January can help you out of that hole.

    • intlacct commented on Oct 31

      Good luck in the UK. From what I have observed UK love of drinks may have a genetic source.

  7. intlacct commented on Oct 31

    Admin/BR – I read maybe 75%-80% of the curated reads. Is there anyway to put some sort of button that will auto open all the reads? Otherwise I am right clicking or ctrl+page upping all day. I understand not wanting to if TBP is click hunting for fun and profit and to cover costs, but, if that is not an issue, that would be handy. Just sayin’…


    ADMIN: Love to find that

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