10 Wednesday Reads

My morning train reads:

• To be great, you must first learn to be good (Reformed Broker)
• Buy Side vs. Sell Side (A Wealth of Common Sense)
• Foreclosure Starts Hit Lowest Level Since 2005 (Real Time Economicssee also Mortgage Foreclosures and Delinquencies Continue to Drop (Mortgage Bankers Association)
• Uber Is Not the Future of Work: Gig-enabling apps are a distraction from the uncertainties that affect far more people: Will workers get paid enough and are their jobs safe? (The Atlantic)
• Carros de Cuba, an automotive landscape frozen in time (Classic Driver)

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    • rd commented on Nov 18

      It’s astonishing how few revolutions occur when jobs are plentiful and income for the “little people” is good enough that they can live comfortably by the standard of the age.

    • intlacct commented on Nov 23

      oh that’s the ticket, lack of jobs, yeah…

  1. rd commented on Nov 18

    Re: Uber

    The article didn’t even mention that Uber will most likely drop all of their part-time employees at the drop of a hat when self-driving cars become available. At that time, the independent contractors will truly be independent.

    It is important for all employees and contractors to always remember that you are just another cost to the CFO. Reducing cost is always on the table.

    • VennData commented on Nov 18

      Real Americans those Kochheads

    • VennData commented on Nov 18

      They see you when you’re sleeping.
      They know when you’re awake…

      The Kochs are send lobbyists to your town

    • Molesworth commented on Nov 18

      It appears from the article Democrats are doing the same thing: opposition research.
      We may find out that money can flood you with well crafted messages but maybe, maybe it can’t buy elections, especially well covered national and state elections.
      Just because Kochs are going to spend 889 mil, it doesn’t mean they’ll win.
      They’ll probably do best with local elections which is probably a good strategy for them. Buy local and move up the food chain slowly.
      But I could be wrong. I often am.

  2. rd commented on Nov 18

    Every now and then, you hear a politician actually making sense and espousing the ideals of the US. Washington Gov. Inslee is one of the few sounding this way regarding Syrian refugees. He points out that about half of the Syrian refugees who have instilled fear in many governors’ hearts are actually children. He equates the current fear-mongering to the fears that lead to the Japanese-American internments in WW II. Must hear radio.



  3. VennData commented on Nov 18

    First Read: Obama Unloads on GOP Candidates Over Refugee Refusal – NBC News

    ​ “When candidates say we should not admit 3-year-old orphans, that’s political posturing,”​


    ​Well Republicans aren’t about American values. They’re about political posturing to get power to cut taxes for the rich which do the country no good as shown by the data.


    What good are Republicans? None​

  4. RW commented on Nov 18

    News for Ruth Marcus: Third Way Policies Gave Us the Great Recession
    In today’s Washington Post, columnist Ruth Marcus contrasted the policies that Bernie Sanders advocates, which she characterizes as being about redistribution, with the policies advocated by the Wall Street funded policy group Third Way, which she describes as being about “expanding opportunity for participation.” While it is true that Third Way would like its policies to be described as being about expanding opportunity, it does not follow that this is true. …

    NB: The WaPo is a primary VSP mouth organ but the amount of bullshit required to be taken seriously in Washington DC has now reached levels where few rational citizens will swallow it. Little wonder WaPo is looking at alternate venues to attract readers who can still think.

  5. RW commented on Nov 18

    Ending Loser Liberalism: Why a Market Based Approach Makes Sense
    I’ve been asked why I focus so much on restructuring the market as a way to address problems of inequality and poverty as opposed to tax and transfer programs. There are ideological, economic, and political reasons for this focus, which I will take in order.

    On the ideological side, there is a commonly held view that the winners in the economy got there through a combination of luck, skill, and hard work. …Rejecting loser liberalism means not accepting this framing. The winners did not win just by luck, skill, and hard work, but also by rigging the deck. …

    On the economics, there really is a benefit to leaving things to the market, where we can. Markets are often very efficient allocators of resources. …undoing many of the market riggings that redistribute upward will lead to more growth rather than less. …

  6. Jojo commented on Nov 18

    Mayo Clinic study: One energy drink may increase heart disease risk in young adults
    9 Nov 2015

    ORLANDO, Fla. — New research shows that drinking one 16-ounce energy drink can increase blood pressure and stress hormone responses significantly. This raises the concern that these response changes could increase the risk of cardiovascular events, …


    • rd commented on Nov 19

      Double doom – they just killed a Chinese hostage. Since 1945, the name of the game for revolutionaries is to get the support from at least one of Russia, China, US, or Europe to ensure arms, cash, and other supplies flow to them. ISIS is taking a unique approach as they are working actively to piss off all of these entities that are generally willing to fund surrogates to disrupt the other superpowers to keep them off-balance. They may be able to do something unique here where they convince the US, Russia, China, France, Saudi Arabia, and Iran to work together in mission planning. I don’t believe that has ever happened before in history.


  7. ilsm commented on Nov 18

    US has sided with Saudi sponsors of terror. Iran is not a terrorist nation, that is the realm Saudi and Emirates royalty.

    The country that must be disarmed is on the south shore of the Persian Gulf.

    While the US and UK have protected terrorists’ sponsors since WW II.

    • VennData commented on Nov 18

      Another crap shooter who go it wrong last September

      “…Druckenmiller’s GLD stake had a value of $300.3 million at the end of the quarter based on the June 30 closing share price of $104.27. Shares of GLD have fallen 5.5% since then…”




      Saw this guy mumbling to some audience about all his great ideas and his brilliance.


    • intlacct commented on Nov 23

      well, he did have an ultra hot hand for a while. right?

  8. DeDude commented on Nov 18

    It seems odd that ISIS would try to get attacked by countries that are essentially the enemy of their enemies.


    However, if their narrative is one of creating a caliphate (done), which is then attacked by an overwhelming force (forces of Rome = everybody else), in order to initiate the apocalypse – then it makes perfect sense.

    Berry previously linked to this: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2015/03/what-isis-really-wants/384980/

    If their leaders realize that their caliphate is in trouble and about to crumble – they would want to hasten the development of being attacked by an overwhelming force so that the prophecy can move on to the next step. These are irrational people who should not be judged or predicted from our rationale reality.

    Sounds nuts – yes but have you listened to some of the stuff Christian fundamentalists are convinced will happen.

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