MiB Cracks iTunes Top 25

Super cool!  Go to iTunes, select Category Business, than Popular Podcasts, and voilà! There we are at #33 make that top 25:


top 25 itms




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  1. Livermore Shimervore commented on Nov 24

    Please Add Google Play, or Amazon. I left iTunes when I switched to Android. I like having more than one choice of where I can buy media, it’s good for competition.


    ADMIN: Its also at Bloomberg.com and Soundcloud

  2. intlacct commented on Nov 24

    BR – Amazing. Bravo!

  3. JasRas commented on Nov 25

    Congrats to you and your staff. You’ve been King of “slow and steady wins the race” right from the first iteration of the website(s) TheBigPicture/Essays&Effluvia…, the RIA biz, and now radio celebrity host…

    Watch out Charlie Rose!

  4. kurtwestphal commented on Nov 25

    this show is spectacular Barry.. thanks for doing it.. glad its getting the recognition it deserves

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