MiB: Mario Gabelli of GAMCO

This week on our Masters in Business interview, we speak with Mario Gabelli, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the $45 billion dollar Gabelli Asset Management.

Gabelli has a reputation as one of the world’s most astute stock pickers, earning the nickname “Super Mario.” He learns industries from the top down, and gets into the details of companies from the bottom up. He built GAMCO to look at stocks as if he purchasing the entire company, considering factors such as growth rates, business advantages, valuation, and margin of safety. Over the course of 39 years, he his average annual returns have compounded at 16.9%

Given that he is a stock picker, Gabelli is not a fan of John Bogle, telling us that indexing is “mindless investing” and “investors can do better.”

The full podcast is available on iTunes, SoundCloud and on Bloomberg.  Earlier podcasts can be found on iTunes and at BloombergView.com.

Next week, we speak with Jeff Maggioncalda, co-founder and former CEO of Financial Engines.



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