10 Tuesday AM Reads

My two-fer-Tuesday morning train reads:

• Investment Fads and Themes, 1996-2015 (thereformedbroker)
• Big losers mask net gains in hedge fund assets (Reuterssee also Hedge funds and institutional investors — one unhappy marriage (FT)
• Not all retirement advisers are required to give you good advice. That’s about to change. (Voxsee also Do I Have a Financial Advisor? (A Wealth of Common Sense)
• The Peter Meter: How Accurate Are Peter Schiff’s Predictions? (CNBC)
• 2015: The Best Year in History for the Average Human Being (The Atlanticsee also Here Are the Best Things That Happened During Every Day of 2015 (Slate)

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    • VennData commented on Dec 22

      Believe in Trump! All those Muslim’s sneaking into the US can’t help but tell the truth that they’re Followers of Islam.

  1. VennData commented on Dec 22

    Bernie Sanders apologizes for his People’s Red Army hackers.

    Donald Trump demands an apology from Hillary Clinton’s mean comments.

    A member of the Bush family says someone is “not competent to govern.”

    Christmas comes a little early for Venndata

  2. RW commented on Dec 22

    The jury still may be out on whether the logic of tax cuts is mostly just plutocratic propaganda with shiny objects attached to distract the gullible but the verdict is pretty much in regarding several categories of cuts including many of those on capital and wealth.

    Capital Tax Reform and the Real Economy: The Effects of the 2003 Dividend Tax Cut
    This paper tests whether the 2003 dividend tax cut—one of the largest reforms ever to a US capital tax rate—stimulated corporate investment and increased labor earnings, using a quasi-experimental design and US corporate tax returns from ears 1996–2008. I estimate that the tax cut caused zero change in corporate investment and employee compensation. …

    • formerlawyer commented on Dec 23

      Mind you 19% of Democratic voters also supported the bombing of Agrabah – geographic ignorance is the American condition.

    • VennData commented on Dec 23

      Yeah Democrats are the problem, not Republicans. Nice work Former. If it wasn’t for those damn 19% of Democrats who are as stupid as half the GOP this nation would be great again.

      Nice Argument. Explains why you’re former not current.

    • formerlawyer commented on Dec 23

      Venndata, actually I have a level III brain tumour. After craniotomy, one month of radiation therapy and 18 months of chemotherapy I am currently stable but have short term memory loss and cannot practice.

  3. Jojo commented on Dec 22

    I’ll Register My Drone When You Have to Register Your Gun
    Written by Joshua Kopstein
    December 14, 2015

    For the past half-dozen months, I’ve owned and operated a tiny quadcopter that I built from parts sourced online. It’s only 110 millimeters wide, weighs about one pound, has a very small camera, and is more likely to be blown into a tree by a mild breeze than injure anyone.

    And as of next week, I will need to register my dinky little drone with the federal government. Otherwise, I could potentially face civil and criminal penalties of up to $250,000 and three years in prison.

    Meanwhile, if I decided to relocate to the nearby state of New Hampshire, I’d be able to purchase and own an assault rifle with a high-capacity magazine—no registration or license required.

    That’s because I live in the United States, a country that will soon have a national registry for toy helicopters, but not for deadly machines used to commit horrifying mass-murder on a near-daily basis.


  4. VennData commented on Dec 22

    Russia’s Syria bombing campaign ‘worse’ than regime


    Trump can do this without killing any journalists.

    Putin, hero to Giuliani, Trump and the GOP Base. Join Putin in an anti-Western jihad GOP Base members. Think of it as Tea Party rejection of Obama’s ultra high tax regime but with Soviet characteristics. And don’t forget your book of Republican facts. The whole truth-laden GOP Media Maxhine press isn’t as accessible over there.

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