Explaining the World Economy with Two Cows

To fully appreciate this you have to run through the entire set of 30 or so panels . . .


Click to see more cows.

Source: Imgur



Hat tip FT Alphaville

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  1. Iamthe50percent commented on Dec 21

    ROTFLMAO because every one of the thirty is true. Thirty? British corporation was duplicated or did I miss something while laughing so hard?

  2. Lyle commented on Dec 21

    Actually the second panel is really about fractional reserve banking substituting cows for dollars/pounds/euros…

  3. DeDude commented on Dec 22

    Predatory capitalism: You have two cows but it turns out that a big corporation has a patent on any and all “cowing”, requiring you to sell all the milk you produce to them. You let your starving children drink half a cup of the milk every day, so the corporation take you to one of their arbitration companies and take away the cow, your car, and your farm.

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