Nobel Minds 2015

The 2015 Nobel Laureates met at the Grünewald Hall in the Stockholm Concert Hall in Stockholm on 11 December 2015 for the annual round-table discussion and TV program ‘Nobel Minds’. The Nobel Laureates discussed the discoveries for which they’ve been honored, how these can be applied in a practical way, and the role of science in today’s society. The discussion was hosted by Zeinab Badawi of the BBC.

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  1. adrian.who commented on Dec 29

    Poincare said that mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things. I think Nobel prizes do just the same. How on earth can you put on the same level and give the same prize to someone that discovers that, say, neutrinos have mass and someone that writes a novel (and in the eyes of some beholders that novel could be nice)? With all due respect, when you, a literature/peace Nobel laureate, sit at the same table with science Nobel laureates, all you can do is ask questions and listen to their answers. To make the perfect confusion, Nobel committee can create a new prize: the Nobel for the best football player.

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