10 Thursday AM Reads

More pressure as the daily gap up fails. Prep for today’s mess with our hand-curated morning train reads:

• Investors Snub Money Managers for Indices: Passively managed U.S. funds attracted $413.8 billion, while active managers lost $207.3 billion in 2015 (WSJ)
• “Ground Control to Major Doom” (Alan Steel) see also Why Doom and Gloom Has Taken Over Wall Street (Fortune)
• Are Commodities a Necessary Portfolio Component? (Reformed Broker)
• The Good News on Global Warming: We’ve Delayed the Next Ice Age (Bloomberg) see also How Sensitive Is Global Warming to Carbon Dioxide? (Slate)
Never mind: A Classic Psychology Study Explains Why Winning the Lottery Wasn’t Going to Make You Happier Anyway (NY Mag)

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