10 Monday AM Reads

This morning the Futures suggest the rally will continues. Get ready with our morning train reads:

• When Stock Pickers Stop Picking Stocks (WSJ)
• They’d Rather Get Nothing in Bonds Than Buy Europe Stocks (Bloomberg) but see Fear and Loathing of Negative-Yield Debt: Bond Trader’s Dilemma (Bloomberg)
• Twitter’s Account Suspensions Are Surprisingly Effective Against ISIS (The Atlantic)
• What The Music Industry Could Learn From 1920’s RCA (Daily Beast)
• Bush’s Befuddled Goodbye and the Risks of Trump Denialism (New Yorkersee also Is Trump Unstoppable? The frontrunner notches a dominating win in South Carolina’s Republican primary. (The Atlantic)

Be sure to check out ourMasters in Business interview this weekend with restaurant labor expert Saru Jayaraman on the demise of tipping and the minimum wage.

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