10 Tuesday AM Reads

We are coming up to the moment of truth on the snapback rally. While we see how it resolves, enjoy our two-fer-Tuesday morning train reads:

• Peak Hedge Fund? Not dead yet . . . A bunch of hedge funds have closed. Has the industry peaked? (The Economist) see also Don’t Be Tricked by the Smart Beta ‘Alpha Mirage’ (Bloomberg)
• Alibaba: Digging Into the Numbers (Barron’s)
• 7 Investing Lessons from Behavioral Psychology (Psy-Fi Blog) see also Four Powerful Strategies For Building Success (Forbes)
• Why Can’t 3.6 Million Teachers Get a Group Discount on their 403(b) Plans? (A Teachable Moment)
• Out of ammo? Central bankers are running down their arsenal. But other options exist to stimulate the economy (The Economistsee also Roach: Central Banking Goes Negative (Project Syndicate)

What are you reading?

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