10 President’s Day Reads

Nice to have a 3 day weekend (although this is usually a vacation week for me). Regardless, my morning reads:

• Gold’s Anti-Gravity Machine (Bloomberg)
• In Real-Estate, ‘Love’ Hurts and ‘Sexy’ Sells (WSJ)
• Should You Be 100% Long Stocks? (Reformed Broker) see also Chasing Hot Returns in ‘Smart-Beta’ Funds Can Be a Dumb Idea (Moneybeat)
• The Panic of 1907 – A detailed essay on an important event in the history of the Federal Reserve. (Federal Reserve History)
• Tesla Will Get Trampled by the Mass Market (Bloomberg View)
• A Skeptic Infiltrates a Cruise for Conspiracy Theorists (Wired)
• The Reality of Missing Out (Stratechery) but see How Tech’s Undisruptables Got That Way (Bloomberg View)
• Five Truths about Terrorism (Project Syndicate)
• New Study Shows That Winners Will Cheat to Keep Winning (Big Think)
• Henry Kissinger’s War Crimes Are Central to the Divide Between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (The Intercept)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Allianz’ Mohammed El-Erian.


Labor Market Tightening

Source: Bloomberg



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